Egeo Pet Food
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Our Mission

Introducing Egeo Pet Food, a series of wet pet food inspired by the Aegean Sea. The endless blue with its wonderful hues, the open-hearted people with their hospitality and the magnificent images define the Aegean Sea and those who live or travel in it. A crossroads of Ancient Gods and myths, it is also characterized by the Apollonian Aegean light – the Light of the World. Diverse and rich in history, the Aegean Sea has always been a crossroads of three continents, a bridge of communication and a cradle of cultures, a source of inspiration and creation, but also a source of flavours inspired by its diverse vegetation and rich animal presence.

The new Egeo Pet Food series, is inspired by the diversity of the Aegean Sea to offer a complete range of flavours for sophisticated, “well-travelled” pets. With a passion for pets and their welfare, as well as the environment, Egeo Pet Food is a culinary journey where flavours are intoxicatingly mixed!

Our mission is to offer a natural, sustainable diet for pets, with high nutritional value and taste variety, inspired by the richness of the Aegean Sea!

Steam Cooked & filleted by hand

All Egeo Pet Food recipes combine fish caught on the open sea with farm-raised chicken and other fine, 100% natural ingredients, rich in animal protein and high in organic value. All raw materials are suitable for human consumption, and the raw materials are fished in a sustainable manner without threatening the natural environment and fish washes. The recipes of Egeo Pet Food are free of additives, preservatives and colorants while the handmade production gives them a natural taste superiority and ease of digestion. Treat your furry friends to the taste of the Mediterranean with Egeo Pet Food, where nature and nutrition meet in harmony.

Steam Cooked icon
Steam Cooked

Steamed food retains nutrients, enhances flavors, reduces calories, promotes weight loss, preserves texture, and supports a healthy digestive system.

Filleted by hand icon
Filleted by hand

Handmade food processing ensures quality control, personalized flavors, minimal additives, cultural preservation, and fosters a sense of connection and tradition.

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Human Grade Ingredient

Human-grade ingredients in pet food provide superior nutrition, safety, and digestibility, promoting overall health and well-being for furry companions.

Egeo Pet Food Ethics

Egeo Pet Food supports animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. Produced with the highest environmental standards, with respect for marine life and with the 5 environmental ‘values’ at its core which make all the difference in taste, quality and sustainability.

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100% Natural Ingredients

All Egeo Pet Food recipes combine fish caught on the open sea with farm-raised chicken and other fine, 100% natural ingredients.

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Cruelty Free

All Egeo Pet Food recipes are produced cruelty-free and without harming or testing on animals, promoting ethical choices for pet owners.

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Fishing for raw materials is done in terms of sustainability without threat to the natural environment and fish washes.